Retreat /rəˈtrēt/ - a period or time away from normal activities and duties that is used to think carefully, learn quietly or to pray.

As our world becomes ever more chaotic and our moments of peace and quiet ever more disrupted by the technology all around us, it becomes more important than ever to schedule time away to renew, refresh and reconnect.

White Light Retreats provide an opportunity to get away from the busyness of life – the schedules, the work, the responsibilities – to nurture yourself and renew your mental, emotional and spiritual health. Each White Light Retreat is carefully curated to promote peace, joy and self-discovery in a beautiful and supportive environment. Through music, activities and free time, participants can reconnect to the inner wisdom that brings joy and purpose to life.

Take a look at current scheduled events and choose one that speaks to you.

There is a life of meaning and joy for each of us that can be lost in the noise of everyday life. Let us help you rediscover yours.

As nature comes alive this spring, take some time away to heal your past, renew your spirit and rejuvenate your life. 
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